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Australia Standard Requirements for Pool Fencing

If you have a private estate in Australia that is less than 1.8 hectares and has a pool or spa, you may require a pool fence or a pool protection barrier that matches specific safety standards.

This involves in-the-ground, above-ground, inflatable, and manageable pools and spas at homes, units, townhouses and columns and transportable homes in a caravan park.

AU Standard

If your swimming pool or spa is more in-depth than 300mm, you need to have a security barrier to limit unwanted entrance from pets, children, and others who may be defenseless. In regards to glass barriers, they need to meet specific building qualifications and security standards outside of regular pool fencing:

  • AS 2208-2006 Safety Glazing Materials in Buildings

This Rule sets out examination conditions for analysis of safety glazing supplies for use in constructions. The test specifications for the various glazing materials are intended to promote safety and to decrease or lessen the likelihood of cutting and stabbing damages from human impact.

  • AS 1926.1-2012 Safety Barriers for Swimming Pool

You will be obligated to comply with the standard if you plan to construct a private swimming pool. This standard stipulates conditions for the design, build, including completion of the following, which are intended to create a barrier to limit the access of young children to swimming pools: fences, entrances, retaining walls, windows, door sets, and balconies.

  • AS 1288-2006 Glass in Buildings Selection and Installation

You will be expected to comply with this standard if you plan to build a resilient annex which has a glass part. Your glass component needs to be established and sustained following this standard. A flexible annex is not to be connected to a park home.

A flexible annex involves an annex built solely of a flexible material but for the supporting frame and any glasses or doors, which may be fabricated of flexible or rigid plastic. The standard gives consistent direction for the management and insulation of glazing.

Height and access

In Australia, glass pool fencing must be at least 1200mm in length and breaks must be more concise than 100mm.

While glass pool fencing has no spaces for people to escalate on, you should be confident the construction is not mounted near things that may be utilised for this goal. For instance, nearby stones, covers, surface hills, pot shrubs, and tree branches.

According to regulatory requirements for glass fencing, barriers must be at least 900mm apart from something that can be climbed.

A Compliance Certificate proves that your swimming pool has been inspected and approved for secure use. Examinations can be done by a local council member or authorised certifiers.

At Pool Fencing Perth, we’re authorised certifiers who get the trouble out of confirming your outdoor pool. After your glass fence is fixed simply give your name, address, type of fencing, and proof of purchase, we’ll take charge of the rest.

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