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Frameless Glass

Safe, Tough and Easy to Clean

This is a picture of a frameless glass.

Frameless glass pool fencing is one of the most popular forms of pool fencing. This is a result of the myriad of advantages it provides your home and pool. It’s safe, tough and easy to maintain. It can be installed to fit almost any space. Best of all, it looks simply stunning and can add a really amazing aesthetic quality to your backyard.

When it comes to glass pool fencing, there’s only one company you need to know. Us. We can easily, efficiently and effectively install a frameless glass pool fence to fit your needs. For all your pool fence installation needs to talk us, the best pool fence installers.


Most importantly when it comes to pool fencing, a pool fence constructed from frameless glass is safe. This is because glass is transparent, so your view of your pool it not impeded or otherwise blocked. If you happen to have small children near or around your pool, this is crucial. This means you can always be across what’s happening in your pool and avoid any mishaps that might otherwise happen.

Safety is, obviously, the number one priority when it comes to pool fencing and frameless glass pool fences can provide just that. A safe environment around your pool.


The glass balustrades we use to install pool fences are tough. Easy. They’re designed specifically to withstand any force that your family or mother nature can throw at them. This resistance means they require less maintenance, care and worries, so can just enjoy your stunning pool fence.

This is also a great advantage in an area where accidents are often far more prone to occur. This form of risk aversion is to help put your mind at ease, knowing that your pool is not only safe, but the fence needed to maintain that safety is secure.

Easy To Clean

With all the water and all the other things that can happen around your pool, cleaning can sometimes be a real chore (again this is quite relevant if you have children). Frameless glass is hygienic and easy to keep clean. It requires little effort to always look stunning.

This is unlike some other materials that can be used for pool fencing. The glass balustrades we can install really have the edge over other materials when it comes to cleaning, meaning they’re also easier to keep more hygienic and safe for you and your family.

No Space? No Worries.

Pools are sizeable and often it can a task to get the room for a pool fence. At least, it could be a problem. Not if you opt to install a frameless pool fence with us.

Glass pool fencing is flexible and can easily be installed in tight spaces, or areas without the room for a traditional pool fence. There’s no need to worry. We can easily install a glass pool fence anywhere in your backyard so you can keep your pool safe, secure and looking amazing. It’s that simple.

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