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Glass Balustrades

Safe and Tough, Low Maintenance, Easy to Clean and Incredible Appeal

This is a picture of a glass balustrade fence with a man with a strong expression leaning on the side of the pool.

Glass balustrades used in pool fencing are truly amazing. They not only look incredible but are highly functional and provide a host of really great benefits that can save you time, money and effort around your pool. The best, and perhaps most important, thing is they are very safe and functional when it comes to your pool.

They don’t impede your view, so you can keep an eye on anyone in your pool and ensure they are safe. Along with this, however, it also has a number of other great benefits. Keeping reading and you’ll why using glass balustrades in pool fencing just makes sense.

Safe and Tough

Glass balustrades are designed to be tough. They require a lot of force and pressure to break. This makes them a perfect barrier around your pool, which is often a slippery and accident-prone area. There’s no need to worry about any real damage being done to your fence.

However, if they do happen to break they’re designed not to shatter into sharp pieces but break apart to large, harmless clumps. This means that glass balustrades are both tough and safe, perfect for keeping your family safe and your pool secure. If you need any glass balustrades installed, contact us today.

Low Maintenance

As a result of being tough, and several other factors, glass balustrades are generally low maintenance. This has many great flow on effects. It means less worries and effort is needed to keep them looking great. They will last longer, thus keeping replacement and repair costs to a minimum.

Using glass balustrades in pool fencing can save you effort, worry, time and money. There’s an amazing combination if ever we’ve seen one. Why not see for yourself what glass balustrades can provide around your pool and home? We can install a wide range of glass pool fencing.

Easy To Keep Clean

Along with being tough, glass balustrades are easy to keep clean and looking great. Water and other stains can simply be wiped off without too much effort exerted. This makes them hygienic, too. Any place where water is splashing around can quickly become dirty and, often as a result, unhygienic. With glass balustrade there’s no need to fear any of that.

Cleaning them, and thus keeping them hygienic is simple. No need to worry. We know that keeping areas clean and hygienic is important for you and your family. Make it easier around your pool with glass balustrades.

Incredible Appeal

Glass balustrades, when it’s all said, look simply amazing and are a great way to make any area, but especially around your pool, look incredible. They don’t block natural light, so light can enter and illuminate the space you have, often making it more appealing or look larger. They don’t block your view, so it can soak up the entire view without a fence impeding it.

Be they used for frameless or semi frameless pool fences, glass balustrades look fantastic and can be a great to get the most and best out of any space around your pool.

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