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Glass Fencing Repair

Broken Glas Panels, Scratcher and Other Marks, Money Saving and Danger

This is a picture of a glass fencing repair.

Glass pool fencing has many great advantages, that make it the perfect choice to enclose your pool. However, glass can get damaged, and sometimes quite badly. Left out in the elements year-round or at the mercy of your children, your glass fence can quickly become scratched, worn or more seriously damaged. We provide you with a range of glass repair services that can offset any negative effects or problems a damaged glass fence can have.

Repairing not only keeps your pool area looking its best, it is also a legal obligation, if the damage is serious enough. Our range of glass repair services keeps your glass fencing looking its best and doing its job.

Broken Glass Panels

Although glass panels used for pool fencing are designed tough, they aren’t unbreakable. There are a number of ways that can be broken, shattered or otherwise damaged, especially around your pool where a lot unexpected things can happen.

We can replace any broken panels in your pool fence to have it looking great and functioning as it should again. You cannot, and should not, allow any gaps in your pool fence to go unfixed. We quickly and efficiently resolve any problems and replace broken glass panels in your fence so that your pool is safe and secure again.

Scratcher and Other Marks

Scratches and marks can really detract from the aesthetic quality of your glass pool fence, making it look terrible. We offer a range of repair services with the aim of restoring the glass of your fence to its beautiful best.

Our extensive and comprehensive knowledge means we have all the tricks and know how to restore your glass to its original condition, making it look spectacular and fresh once again. Get your fence looking great again so you can simply sit back and enjoy all your pool has to offer. Relaxation and enjoyment are what they for after all.

Money Saving

Many of the problems and damages that glass can suffer are best dealt with early, in order to save you money. Over time small problems can get worse and end up costing you more money to repair or replace than it should have.

We can help to save you money by helping you maintain and repair your glass fence before any real problems set in. It is a far better approach in the long run, trust us.


The dangers of broken glass are all too well known. Although all glass used in pool fencing in Australia is designed not shatter, this doesn’t mean it is still without any hazards. If your glass is damaged or appears like it might break, it is best to immediately call a professional to replace it or fix it, as to avoid any potential problems or hazards it could cause.

Prevention is the best method when it comes to something sensitive like glass, as any hazard could have quite serious ramifications. Our repair services can help you avoid anything like this happening around your home or pool.

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