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History of Perth, WA

Perth is the capital and most populated city of Western Australia. Captain Willem de Vlamingh was the first who saw the state of today’s city.

Because of its geographic location, Perth is often called the “most remote big city in the world.” Researchers have proven that 40,000 years ago, Perth is home to the Nyoongar people based off of their discovery of an ancient stone near Swan River.

After a thousand years; in December 1696, Commander de Vlamingh commanded three ships to Rottnest Island. His fleet marched to Swan River near Freshwater Bay and tried to contact the Nyoongar. They aimed to get information regarding the survivors of the Ridderschap van Hollant that was lost in 1694. After weeks of sailing the unnamed river, de Vlamingh named the river into “Swan” because of the black swans he saw swimming there.

Just over a hundred years later, Captain James Stirling founded Perth. Stirling was captivated by the beauty of Perth and even said that it is something so beautiful that it almost made him cry. The British Government later agreed to found the colony as the first free settlement in Australia. A few months then more and more people began settling down in Perth. But settling in Perth isn’t as easy as you think.

In the first years after the Europeans came to Perth, a personality who worked a significant role in defending the rights of Aboriginal people was Rosendo Salvado. After his appearance in 1846, Rosendo Salvado established and promoted the humane treatment of the Aboriginal people in Australia and continued their desire to maintain their ethnic culture and customs.

Upon the agreements and settlements with the government and immigrants, the isolated island had developed into an island which has many tourist attractions. Due to this, many travelers had desired to explore Perth. Tourism grew an integral part of Perth’s economics, with more than 3 million visitors each year. The tourist attractions are mostly concentrated in the city center, Fremantle, the coast, Swan Valley and Rottnest Island.

Over time, the construction of Museums and attraction infrastructures in Perth did really raised its to impact in helping the city to develop. Besides working as an administrative centre, Perth has grown a cultural hub. Various cultural centres, museums, institutions have begun up their opportunities for more visitors to visit the city. To learn more about Perth’s history why not check out the Perth Library and sit down indoors with a book.

Today, Perth is considered as the most isolated city in the world. Over recent decades, Perth has grown into a vibrant cosmopolitan city, often regarded to as Australia’s rising star. It was recognized as the seventh most alive city in the world and the second city which has hospitable people around the globe.

Perth has been Australia’s boom city for over a decade, with the quarrying business captivating handwork from domestic and across, and the city totally transforming from a sleepy backwater city to a vibrant centre entirely with a thriving café and nightclub perception, world-class celebrations, and grand mall and boutique window-shopping.

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