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Pool Fence Regulations

Everybody loves swimming. It is a way we enjoy our free time and also on holidays. Children is easily captivated by pools and spas.

Due to many pool accident that had happened in WA, it cannot be avoided that the authorities must set a strict regulation regarding the fencing and the height of the fences for pools. Drowning of children, adults and even adults is the most common accidents that might be encountered in pools.  Having a pool fence is a much requirement and should be thought of before having a pool.

The government of WA had mandated a law that all pools and spas should have fences. Also, the fences should meet the requirements and specific notes on having pool fences. There were several revisions on the law since it was being approved by the government. As of the moment, in building fences for your pools, the materials should be durable and of in the optimum quality.

The materials should be comprised with materials that are suitable for your pool size and area.Durable materials that persuade the strength requirements of the Australian Standard, and that are not climbable should be applied. Steel, aluminium, timber, glass, fibre cement and a combination of the above are all fit materials.

The fence should be 1200mm or 1.2 meters high with holes more than 13mm (1.3cm) needs to be at 2400mm high (2.4m).And in the vicinity of the pool, there should be no climbable trees, rocks or any (especially outside the fences). The pool fence should not be more than 100mm (10cm) off the ground; nor can the gap between any panels be more than 100mm (10cm).Apertures of between 13mm and 100mm are allowed on fences 1.8 metres or more in height. Lastly, the gate latch must be at least 1.5m above the ground if it is located on the outside of the gate or 1.2m if located inside the gate.

Following the rules and regulations set by the WA authorities is a big leap for avoiding such accidents common in pools. It is primarily for protection. Also it will add more great ambiance to your pools and it can be a factor in catching customers who loves floating in pools.

It is up to the proprietors and occupants of residences to assure their fencing or limiting barrier to the pool space is sustained and operating completely. Not only will the lives of young individuals be at danger if you don’t completely comply with the laws, but you will also confront extensive penalties. Fines will be subjected depending on your violation. The authorities might push in closing your pool if you violate certain rules that are much necessary.

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